Technical Watchmaker Show, September 12-15, 2023

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In the historic surroundings of the watchmaking Metropolis La Chaux-de-Fonds, on the Anciens Abattoirs site, The Technical Watchmaker Show is back, like a huge open door about suppliers know-how…

By Philippe Perret du Cray / JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport Partner
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The Bergeon booth at the crossroads of the TWS lanes

Think Global, Act Local! The fourth edition of the TWS in the heart of the Jura watchmaking industry focuses on its legendarily friendly atmosphere. Warm and relaxed, this event brings together around sixty companies.

Just a stone’s throw from the Manufactures and the local networking, in a welcoming atmosphere, the event, which is above all a professional one, is supported by local and cantonal authorities through the granting of a few advantages. Such as the MIH, the International Watchmaking Museum, which offers visitors and exhibitors some concrete and generous incentives to visit. Culture and tourism are not forgotten either.

Free of charge for visitors, who must nevertheless register online to obtain their badge, the event is first and foremost a watchmaking event. There are also spaces for further discussions, such as a lounge and restaurant. For four days, with a conference program still under development, the event also attracts local and supra-regional audiences, as well as true enthusiasts. JSH magazine will be there.

One of the industrial gems exhibiting at TWS is Dornier (Pierre-Alain and Magali Dornier) in Le Locle. Although discreet about its prestigious customers, this SME is nonetheless quoted by a number of independents. Like the Vicenterra brand, for which it manufactures highly complex cases and rare components.

Committed organizers

Our aim is to create a real link between watch manufacturers and the technical companies closely associated with them,” explains Vladimir Zennaro, Bergeon’s Managing Directeur and co-founder of the event with Johnny Veillard (Partner IT SA and Cost- Killer.Org) and Eric Zuccatti, Horotec’s CEO.

Eric Zuccatti: "Our mission is to provide a dynamic and welcoming platform for professionals to meet, do business and network."

Photo de couverture: Un lieu chaux-de-fonnier historique, Les Anciens Abattoirs. ©Picsinfusion /Wikipedia

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