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La Joux-Perret is a Manufacture of high-end watch movements. Production is integrated on a single location in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Exclusive interview with CEO Jean-Claude Eggen.

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{Home page picture} The renowned G100, ETA2824 compatible: hours, minutes, seconds, mono-directional automatic, with date. Stop seconds, power reserve 68 h, 24 jewels, 28,800 vib/h (4 Hertz)

It’s hard to portray a brilliant, insightful leader, a man ” in motion “: 20 years in watchmaking, by phases, passionate about both technology and products, mechatronics, manufacturing. Vietnam, Switzerland, business builder… The family’s “T1” workshop in Biel, where it all began, still holds sway. The 14-year-old boy was assembling barrels, cutting rods, fitting hands… Where some are born “son of the Circus“, he would be “son of the watch

So why did you give up a comfortable position within the Swatch Group?

Because I needed to get back in touch with a more autonomous organization on a more human scale, a Place where I know all the teams, all the suppliers, all the customers, where we can decide, develop, give strength, make things happen.

And did you find it at La Joux-Perret on May 1, 2020?

Jean-Claude EGGEN / Lieu : La Chaux-de-Fonds - Neuchâtel - Suisse / Droits d'utilisation uniquement pour LA MANUFACTURE JOUX-PERRET, ANGELUS & ARNOLD & SON
Le chronographe La Joux-Perret

Yes, we have the power of a group (editor’s note: the Japanese Citizen group, renowned for its manufacturing excellence), but with the flexibility of an SME.

Is La Joux-Perret now a “must” in the small world of Swiss movement manufacturers?

In just a few years, we’ve increased our movement sales times… 20! The Arnold & Sohn and Angelus brands are both integrated into the Manufacture, which means that within the same space we practice all the watchmaking disciplines, with a high level of automation, even if, for example, we finish each of our tourbillons by hand. We are therefore perceived as an integrated manufacturer.

Jean-Claude Eggen: “Today’s high-end movements will be tomorrow’s standards, all guaranteed for 5 years”.

So, do you propose a whole family of movements?

Indeed, in our catalog you’ll find mechanical movements, quartz movements, manufacture movements, tourbillons… It’s in this context that we launched the G100 with its 68-hour power reserve, a Swiss premiere. And this is just the beginning… Our move upmarket will continue, particularly in performance levels: precision, power reserve, amagnetism…

Vu du dessus, le chronographe La Joux-Perret

By the way, does quartz still have a future?

Sure! And we’re working on bringing some amazing new complications to market!

Your renown goes beyond borders. What are you doing in the watchmaking sector in France?

We’ve signed an agreement with Reparalux, a French company based in Besançon, France’s watchmaking capital. Led by the Humbert-Droz family for three generations, this reputable company approached us on their own initiative. Over the course of a weekend, we agreed that, following on from the G100, Reparalux would be able to offer a new movement, the L100 (Chrono movement, column wheel and 60 h power reserve), from autumn 2023, 100% assembled on their own premises. Production will be aimed at established and emerging French brands with high potential. The first customer? The March LAB brand.

CEO’s message: first the strategic vision, products, markets, next the team. Then hard work, perseverance…

Is it linked to the current announcements coming from the legendary Lip brand?

Indeed, the famous company is now also a customer of Reparalux-La Joux-Perret, with the rebirth of a T18 featuring an exclusive hand-wound mechanical movement. T18, Winston Churchill’s Lip watch! In the mid- and long-term, we believe in the development and upmarket potential of dynamic French brands with strong identities.

Why join La Joux-Perret?

In just a few years, our workforce has grown from 90 to 135. Working at La Joux-Perret means getting to know all the watchmaking professions, and joining a collective entrepreneurial adventure, with a clearly outlined strategy and ambition.

Could you precise?

Watchmaker La Joux-Perret will amaze you all over again!

Lieu : La Chaux-de-Fonds - Neuchâtel - Suisse / Droits d'utilisation uniquement pour LA MANUFACTURE JOUX-PERRET, ANGELUS & ARNOLD & SON
Au sein de la Manufacture, le décolletage fait partie des opérations

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